Our Story

In the late 1800’s, Wesley Archer and his new wife traveled up North canoed across a lake to spend their life savings on a lush and unforgiving island. An island he remembered once visiting as a child, thick with trees, rugged and beautiful. A true Canadian pioneer and Northern Gentleman, he built homes for those who came, and carved out a future there for his children and grandchildren.

His son Wilbur received the torch, developing the region even further by building a marina and establishing a barging company. He nurtured a place that attracted the finest people, where creativity and greatness thrived in the quiet and respite. A place where kings could find their thoughts while breathing in the crisp, cool air, and becoming one with the rhythm of the lapping lake waters.

John was the third Archer to live his whole life on Browning island and was pivotal in developing Muskoka as a destination that the world’s Elite flocked to. A four-time Canadian pro drag boat racer, he had nerves of steel and a winning mindset. John carried the passion, drive, and creativity of those who came before him, before passing those traits on to his son, Adam: The Fourth Archer. A son nurtured by generations of risk-takers and seekers of excellence.

Today, Archer the Fourth hones his conscientious couture for men like the men who came before him; frontiersmen, visionaries, and kings. He creates clothing that elevates and emboldens great men to even greater heights. He creates only what can be sustained; clothing meant to be handed down from generation to generation until it returns, in its entirety, to the Earth. Recognizing that luxury and sustainability are not often seen as synonymous, Adam Archer has made a contentious effort to use only fabrics made of 100% natural fibers and use Archer the Fourth to inspire a movement that seamlessly combines luxury and sustainability. All garments designed by Archer the Fourth are a perfect blend of bold, timeless, and stylish, presented beautifully in an all-Canadian and sustainable way.

What makes Archer the Fourth unique is their innovative approach and their modern take on classic silhouettes; saturated with artistic blaze and inspiration, endorphin inducing aesthetic and rich, luxurious, emotion-inducing designs representing depth, dark romance, and seduction.

“I believe that when you die the only thing that will matter is how you treated the planet and the people who reside on it. My garments are a reflection of that.”

Our Principles

At Archer the Fourth, we believe fashion should be equal parts style and sustainability. When establishing the company, Adam Archer wanted to ensure that the brand remained ethically grounded and chose to commit to this through domestic manufacturing using quality, natural fabrics.

In order to remain Canadian at heart, the conscious choice was made to manufacture domestically within Canada, rather than sending our business overseas. In addition to maintaining a proudly Canadian business, we also ensure that our products have a luxurious finish after only sourcing sustainable fabrics made of natural fiber with collections consist primarily of silk, cashmere, wool, cotton, and bamboo. We believe the definition of luxury goes beyond the final product and actually begins with how clothes are made, including their quality and longevity, and most importantly, the working conditions and wages of the important people who manufacture our product.

We were inspired to embed our ethical priorities in the very fibers that make up our beautiful garments because natural fibers in fabrics breakdown at the end of their lifecycle, unlike synthetic fabrics, which will only break down into smaller microfibers in a similar fashion to other harmful plastics. These microfibers end up in our waterways polluting the lakes, rivers, and oceans, which are then being consumed by fish, birds, animals and humans.

Archer the Fourth recognizes this as an immense human rights issue because these microfibers are leaking into our waterways, leaving water treatment facilities unable to keep up with the high-level of microplastics to be filtered out. To make matters worse, synthetic-based dyes used in cheaper fabrics run off and onto our skin and pours, which can cause cancers and other diseases over time. Sadly, these realities are the most lethal for the under-privileged minorities who work with these fabrics overseas and handle dyes without access to adequate safety equipment or proper ventilation due to a poorly regulated industry. The impacted minorities are often made up of young children who rely on their difficult jobs as a means to supporting their impoverished families.

At Archer the Fourth we want to be trailblazers in the industry through committing to our ethical priorities and keeping it simple with Canadian-made clothing made of natural fibers to do our part to make sure the fashion industry does not remain the second-largest polluter of our precious planet.